The Goal of the Project

To increase the amount of website and phone enquiries.

My Role in the Project

To consult on the best ways to achieve the goal and to implement the identified changes.

The Process I Used to Achieve the Goal

We decided on several changes:

  • Re-write the copy for the main landing pages and design a new layout to support the copy. We tested new versions of the layout using Google Analytics Content Experiments.
  • Purchase stock photos to replace lower quality ones originally taken on a mobile.
  • Re-design the theme of the website to create better contrast for call to actions and a clearer menu bar.
  • Create new location and service focused landing pages.
  • Use Adwords with the improved landing pages to create a fast ROI.

The Results

The owner was very pleased as the enquiries he started to receive were of much higher quality, this meant he was also spending less time quoting for low value jobs.

You can visit the website here Metal Fabrication London