Achievements and Updates

The website is now ranking in the top 3 positions on Google for high value keyword searches including hi vis vestshi vis trousers, recovery clothing, safety wear, security jackets, hi vis bodywarmers and hi vis polo shirts. This is in direct competition with Screwfix, Sports Direct and Amazon.

Website Ranking Update December 2017

We have seen great results with the keyword Portwest which is now appearing on the first page of Google. We are now starting a campaign for the keyword Workwear, this is a particularly difficult keyword to target as it is so general and has a very high level of competition. It currently receives on average 18000 searches per month so if we can rank high for this then it will supply a large traffic increase.

Website Ranking Update November 2017

Following the success of hi vis vests which is now often appearing at rank 2 of Google, we are now targeting the keyword Portwest. As it stands we have several keyword phrases on the first and second page such as Portwest Footwear, Portwest Jackets, Portwest Workwear but we are hoping with a little work to get the single term Portwest on the first page soon.

Website Ranking Update October 2017

More work has been performed on some of the highest value keyword phrases including hi vis vests which receives 8100 searches per month and safety trainers which receives 9900 searches according to SERPstat the SEO Tool I use.

These two phrases in particular have seen significant position improvements recently, Hi vis vests is regularly at position 3 and 4 and safety trainers has shot up from position 70+ to position 23.

Website Update September 2017

Great results this month, we have just achieved a page 1 rank in Google for the search term Hi Vis Clothing.

This has taken a lot of work improving the on page elements and creating internal links from other relevant pages.

In addition to this we are also now achieving a rank of between 9 – 11 for the search Hi Vis Vests which is excellent, but it looks like more work will be needed to push higher for this one.

Website Update August 2017

After performing in depth search engine optimisation research to identify areas of growth I found that when the website was originally created the keyword phrase Hi Vis Anoraks was used. This turned out to be a mistake as there are very few searches performed on this phrase per month and the best phrase to target is hi vis jackets.

Website Update April 2017

We are now targeting the search phrase hi vis vests.

This is a very competitive term with an average of 8000+ searches per month, we currently don’t rank for this phrase because the manufacturer called all of their products waistcoats and after doing this research it turns out that keyword only gets around 400 searches per month.

Website Project Details


BK Safetywear were had been online running an ecommerce website for nearly 2 years but they were running into dead ends regarding the platform (EKM) they were using and after I spoke with the developers it seemed clear that there was no definite timeline to implement the features or fix the bugs they were experiencing, such as payments failing with Paypal Pro. The Ultimate goal was to find the best way to increase sales on the website.


I was contracted to research alternative ecommerce platforms which could provide the features and quality of service to run the website successfully. I was also required to move the database from EKM to Bluepark and redesign the look of the website and restructure the navigation to make the user experience better.


We settled on Bluepark as it had all the features we required (regarding B2B) and the reviews and forums suggested there were no integration issues with Paypal Pro. I then had to migrate the entire database including their products and customers from EKM to Bluepark. This was made slightly easier as Bluepark provide an import template from EKM. There was an amount of tidying I had to do on the data and I took the opportunity to remove everything we no longer needed before importing it.

Since the website was re-launched using Bluepark we have continued to improve the website, increasing the range of products and adding new content along with SEO work to push the site up in Google ranking.

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